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TMS for OCD Takes a Step Forward with Cigna

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has proven its efficacy in providing relief for OCD sufferers who still have symptoms after 1st line treatment. But until recently, some patients who needed this treatment to reclaim their lives from intrusive obsessions and compulsions did not have the support of major insurance carriers.  CIGNA recently announced the decision to […]

Dissociation: Novelty Or Necessity?

Interest in psychedelic experiences is at an all-time high. This class of substances has nearly shaken its hazy reputation from past decades. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of dedicated clinicians, researchers, and journalists, the culture-at-large is opening its eyes to the mental and emotional significance of mind-opening drugs, like ketamine.  Bolstered by the relatively […]

Trauma Is…

It’s time to talk about the scope of trauma. Because we can’t heal what we don’t acknowledge. The definition of trauma has (thankfully) evolved, but our collective understanding of what trauma encompasses is still arguable. And in order for the mental health care industry to adequately help people living with mental trauma, we have to […]

What Is Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Healing from depression is never a simple journey. Depression is stubborn, fickle, and, even, shape-shifting. Not only can depression change course in individuals, it also lacks concrete universality—making it that much more complex of a puzzle. There are too many variables in the depression equation to deliver an easy answer.  First off, the catalysts for […]