TMS Technician & Operations Associate

Leigh Harlow

Leigh is a BrainsWay-certified TMS technician who supports operations necessary for high-quality care at Hudson Mind. Having studied English and French at Dickinson College, she taught ELA at a public high school in New Orleans for five years before her rising concern for her students’ mental health drove her pivot into health care. After briefly exploring work behind the scenes in health education, she chose to pursue clinical work and eagerly trained in dTMS and psychedelics facilitation. She is a current masters student in psychology at the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Leigh understands the importance of creating a calm and supportive environment for patients. 

She is dedicated to providing excellent treatment and learning more about cutting-edge interventions in mental health.


Jonathann Kuo, MD

Founder & Medical Director

Marcel Green, MD


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Physician's Assistant

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Operations Manager

Leigh Harlow

TMS Technician & Operations Associate

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