Complete Neuro-Reset

Eliminate stress, regulate mood, and improve sleep with
a full nervous system reset.

Experience significant mind-body benefits in three steps.

It's time for a Reset.

Over 40 million adults in the U.S. live with an anxiety disorder, making life feel like a constant barrage of nervousness, shortness of breath, and fear.
Daily stress can creep up on all of us, and sometimes we need to take a minute to reset.
Our Complete Neuro-Reset as a new tool for your mental and emotional health kit. Like going to the doctor a few times a year or taking a meditation class, this program gives you a chance to check in on yourself.
One session quickly melts away any extra stress you’ve been carrying on your back, giving you a chance to find your balance again.
Reset Flow
Over the course of three consecutive treatments, the Neuro-Reset rebalances your total nervous system, relieving your body from its overactive fight-or-flight response, promoting your body’s ability to rest and relax,  and opening your mind to new perspectives.
1. Stellate Ganglion Block
A minimally-invasive procedure that administers a local anesthetic into the Stellate Ganglion and Superior Cervical Ganglion nerve bundles along the side of the neck. This temporary anesthetization blocks signals to the brain’s fear center and reduces the production of stress hormones, effectively giving the brain a chance to reset back to its baseline, pre-stress state.

2. Vagus Nerve Hydrodissection
A minimally-invasive injection that resets the Vagus Nerve, the primary nerve along the parasympathetic nervous system, to enhance the nervous system’s reset-and-relax state. Guided by advanced ultrasound imaging, a board-certified physician injects fluid around the Vagus Nerve to release pressure and create space, enhancing the nerve’s function and promoting relaxation. A de-compressed Vagus Nerve also facilitates the delivery of substances that can enhance nerve functioning, including exosomes, peptides, platelet plasma, and growth factors.
3. IV Ketamine Therapy
IV ketamine is a low-dose infusion that has been shown to rapidly relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Administered over the course of an hour, the infusion elevates mood, stimulates neuroplasticity in the brain, and unlocks profound perspectives buried deep within the subconscious.

What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

The Autonomic Nervous System is an always-on nerve network that controls your body’s most vital physiological responses and processes without your conscious effort. The system consists of two primary branches with opposing effects on physiological processes:

Sympathetic Nervous System

Activates the body’s fight-or-flight responses

Parasympathetic Nervous System

Controls your body’s ability to rest-and-relax.
Your body functions optimally when these branches work in harmony, but when they are out of sync they instigate widespread physiological dysfunction—upsetting sleep, digestion, heart rate, immune response, and emotional regulation.
The Neuro-Reset restores harmony between the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

The Benefits of a Complete Neuro-Reset

The successive administration of three treatments enhances your relaxation. Here’s how: The Stellate Ganglion Block first resets your sympathetic nervous system, giving your body a chance to calm down and rest after prolonged stress from a hyperactive fight-or-flight response state.

Now it’s time to reset the parasympathetic side of your autonomic nervous system with a hydro dissection. Resetting the Vagus Nerve improves your body’s ability to rest and relax.

With an agitated nervous system no longer standing in your way, you can fully relax into a profound IV ketamine experience, which can improve your brain’s neuroplasticity and evoke subconscious insights.
male Physician Assistant providing an IV injection to a blonde woman wearing earphones and an eyemask while laying down on chaise lounge chair

It's time for a Reset.

Common Questions

Following the SGB part of the treatment, you may temporarily experience some eye drooping and redness, congestion, and extra warmth in your face and arm. Don’t worry–these effects are normal and typically within 6-8 hours, but can linger for up to 24.

Serious side effects of a SGB are extremely rare at Hudson Mind. Our team uses two different imaging techniques to ensure accurate placement and will monitor you carefully throughout the whole treatment course.

There are a few things you may want to keep in mind before your treatment —especially the ketamine portion.

  • Have a favorite eye mask? Bring it! If not, we’ve got you covered (literally). Wearing an eye mask will block out light and help you focus on your journey.
  • Try not to eat or drink for four hours before your journey, as an empty stomach will reduce nausea.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes so that you feel as relaxed as possible. Non-restrictive clothing will also help with IV accessibility.
  • Avoid violent media. Watching TV shows and movies with excessive amounts of violence can have a negative impact on your ketamine experience
  • Avoid alcohol, marijuana, and other mind-altering substances or stimulants as they can influence your experience.
If this is your first time receiving a ketamine IV, we recommend bringing along a friend as some patients feel a bit light-headed and nauseous following treatment.

Your entire Neuro Reset should take around two hours, but it could last up to three. Some patients ask for a bit more time between the successive treatments and our team will never rush you.

You don’t need a referral to schedule a Reset. But our team will need to conduct an evaluation with our medical team to ensure that you do not have any past or present medical conditions that may be exacerbated by one or more of the treatments within the Complete Neuro Reset protocol. 

Schedule your Complete Neuro-Reset today.