Group Therapy

Combining clinical interventions with group therapy to foster healing, cognitive improvements, and communal support.

Group Therapy at Hudson Mind

Our group therapy program is structured to augment progress from our mental health interventions: Dual Sympathetic Blocks (DSB), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Ketamine Treatment, and Spravato
Hudson Mind’s mental health practitioners create a safe environment for sharing your mental health experiences and responses to interventional therapies.

Common Conditions

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Treatment-Resistant Depression
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Chronic Anxiety
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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Substance-Use and Compulsive Disorders

Why Group Therapy?

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Seeking therapy is an intensely personal decision and some patients are more comfortable talking about their experiences via one-on-one sessions. But sharing your experiences in a group setting can be a powerful mechanism for healing and acceptance.
Mental health challenges are often isolating. Pervasive social stigmas make it difficult to share experiences and feel seen by others. Group therapy offers a safe and supportive space to forge meaningful connections and develop new cognitive and emotional tools.


Is group therapy at Hudson Mind open to everyone?

We offer group therapy for interventional patients and ketamine patients.

Is group therapy covered by insurance?

Group therapy is cash-pay only. We do offer financing and payment plans. Contact for more details. Depending on your carrier and plan, your participation may be covered by your insurance. We also offer financing and payment plan options for self-pay patients.

Do I have to share?

Sharing is encouraged, but not mandatory. At the beginning of every session our practitioner will ask all members in the group to make a verbal commitment to confidentiality.

Is there a minimum commitment?

We recommend committing to a minimum of 12 group sessions.

How big are your groups?

Our groups consist of 3-12 members.