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Does ketamine therapy get you high?

A closer look at common ketamine therapy questions. Over the past decade ketamine has undergone a significant re-brand. For years, ketamine was mostly recognized for its recreational effects—even though the FDA approved ketamine as a general anesthetic in the 1970s. But in 2000, the Yale School of Medicine published a randomized controlled trial demonstrating its […]

Does Ketamine IV Therapy Actually Help Your Brain?

Our lead psychiatrist breaks down the brain-boosting benefits of ketamine IV therapy. Ketamine’s journey from its introduction in the 1960s to its current status as a respected therapy for depression and anxiety has been remarkable. Over the decades, ketamine IV therapy has garnered attention and admiration within the medical community for its profound effects on […]

Where Should You Undergo Ketamine Therapy?

The ketamine rebrand from party drug to powerful mental health aid has been slowly building over the past decade, but the past year has marked a turning point in its PR overhaul. Continuous coverage in reputable news outlets, a Netflix docuseries based on Michael Pollan’s 2018 best-seller How to Change Your Mind, and an abundance […]

Is It Time For a Stress Reset?

Just calm down…easier said than done, especially when chronic stress seizes your entire body.  The impact of stress on our emotional health is well documented, but what about our physical health? Stress doesn’t just exist in the mind—when a stressful situation arises, it can take over the body’s most basic functioning systems. The physical effects […]