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Eugene Lipov, MD

Pioneer, DSB for PTSD

Widely considered to be the pioneer of Dual Sympathetic Block for PTSD, Dr. Lipov is one of the world’s leading experts in psycho-anesthesia. Dr. Lipov is a physician researcher and board-certified anesthesiologist who specializes in intervention-based pain management in the Chicago area. In 2006, using DSB, Dr. Lipov was the first to report significant reduction of the effects of trauma by rebooting the nervous system to a pre-trauma state. Since then, his research, clinical work, and publishing of 40+ medical papers, has led to the successful treatment of thousands of survivors of war, rape, violence, assault, catastrophic accidents, neglect, abandonment, and child abuse––every type and extreme of trauma imaginable––no matter how brief or ongoing the trauma.
Dr. Lipov has presented his work to Barack Obama, US Senators and Congressmen, the US Committee of Veteran Affairs, and has made multiple media appearances. Dr. Lipov is Stella Center’s founder and Chief Medical Officer.

Meet Our Next Advisory Board Member

portrait of CASEY PALEOS, MD against a green background
Casey Paleos, MD

Psychiatrist, Psychedelic Expert