Clinical therapy for anxiety and depression.

What is ketamine therapy?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that can rapidly relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
Ketamine is widely known for its psychedelic effects which can open the mind up to new perspectives and insights buried deep in the subconscious.
But ketamine can also profoundly affect the biology of the brain by stimulating new neural connections. Major stress and depression weaken synaptic connections, making it more difficult for regions of the brain to communicate. Low-dose ketamine treatments restore impacted or dormant neural circuits by triggering the production of Glutamate, which subsequently promotes BDNF, a protein that encourages neuroplasticity in the brain.

Clinical Results 1

brunette woman with head held upwards toward the sun and closed eyes.
After 6 weeks
50% response rate
20% remission rate
50% of patients with suicidal ideation achieve remission after 6 weeks
After 10 weeks
72% response rate
38% remission rate

Ketamine Experience

No two ketamine experiences are the exact same. But generally people feel a sense of complete peace and calm.
You may feel as if you are floating through a dream or surrounded by bright colors. Or you may find that you feel a sense of dissociation, almost as if you have stepped outside of yourself and are detached from your body, thoughts, and memories. This dissociation creates space for you to experience yourself and your relationships from a new perspective.


Ketamine Therapy Treatment Protocols

Available only after the evaluation with our psychiatrist; the medical intake is billed as a separate fee or can be billed to insurance. All below integration therapy packages are self-pay.
While single Ketamine sessions are effective, a concentrated course of 6 sessions in 3-4 weeks combined with integration therapy to fully process your journeys have been proven in multiple independent clinical trials to provide the most significant and lasting relief.
We have designed two recommended Hudson protocols to guide you on the path to sustainable relief.

Hudson Protocol

Integration Support Package

Program Price: $4,050
  • Integration prep session with provider
  • 6 Ketamine infusions
  • 1 integration follow up per 2 infusions over the course of 3 consecutive weeks
  • 6 ketamine infusions
  • 4 integration therapy sessions

Advanced Hudson Protocol

Extra Integration Support

Program Price: $4,450
  • Integration prep session with provider
  • 6 Ketamine infusions
  • 1 integration follow up after every infusion over the course of 3 or 6 (depending on timing recommending) weeks.
  • 6 ketamine infusions
  • 7 integration therapy sessions

À La Carte Services


Ketamine (only) Package

Full Course

Program Price: $3,300

  • 6 Ketamine infusions
  • Discounted price: We encourage you to concentrate your therapy over 3-4 weeks as this is the most studied course for sustainable results

Single Ketamine Infusion

Program Price: $550

Integration Therapy

Integration Therapy

Preparation Session

Price: $250

  • Session to help prepare for IV Ketamine or other treatments offered
  • If applicable, this includes a discussion with your existing therapist to ensure continuity of care

Integration Therapy

Individual Follow Up Session*

Price: $200

  • A la carte follow up session
  • *Cannot be purchased if you have not had a preparation session already

Common Questions

Is ketamine safe?

Ketamine is safe when it is administered under the guidance of certified medical professionals.

Will I feel any side effects?

Side effects from IV ketamine treatments are rare, but some patients do report feelings of dizziness, nausea, elevated heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Our clinical staff is on stand-by if you start to feel any side effects.

Is ketamine legal?

Ketamine is regulated by the FDA and legal for medical use in the United States when administered by licensed and credentialed medical providers.

For additional inquiries on Ketamine Therapy, please visit our frequently asked questions here.

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