The Experience

Ketamine Therapy

What does Ketamine Therapy feel like?

We know environments affect experiences. So we designed our space to feature tranquil details that help your mind let go and explore.
Once you settle in, our team will start the experience with simple intentions, meditative breathing exercises, and an optional curated playlist.

What Will I Feel?

The beauty of ketamine is that the journey is completely unique to you. We can’t tell you exactly where you’ll go or what you’ll see.
When your trip begins you will likely experience dissociation or a dissolution of the ego. This step detaches you from your usual perspectives and thoughts— giving you the space to see your life differently. You’ll still be awake, but will see and feel on a new plane of consciousness.
You might see vivid colors and shapes, as well as people, places, and memories from your past. Along the way you may feel a general sense of warmth, love, and compassion as you take in images and hard-to-reach feelings from your subconscious.
If you ever need to take a break, you can simply remove your eye mask and headphones. and ask our team to slow or pause your drip.

Post Journey Experience

During your recovery, our team will offer you tea and snacks. They’ll also work with you to complete integration notes that you can later discuss with your therapist.

Relax in a Tranquil Space

We intentionally designed our practice to feature inviting and tranquil details that promote relaxation and healing.

Common Questions

Ketamine promotes neuroplasticity, which enables the brain to learn, adapt, and change in response to new conditions.

In patients with depression and other mood disorders, the synapses, or the messengers between neurons, are often underactive, which contributes to the recurring thought loops that can exacerbate low and anxious feelings. Ketamine’s dissociative nature has a profound effect on re-activating the firing of those synapses. Ketamine also promotes neuroplasticity, which enables the brain to learn, adapt, and change in response to new conditions.

When your brain communicates more, you may experience some of the following: increased ability to process negative emotions, an awakening, newfound purpose, new perspective on your reality, enhanced creativity, increased gratitude, and greater connections with your loved ones, the world, and yourself.
Ketamine is safe when administered by medical professionals in a controlled environment. Before your first treatment our team of specialists will perform a medical and psychiatric assessment. During your ketamine session they will be on standby to provide any additional support you may need. While rare, any side effects you experience will be addressed immediately. Clinical studies report that most side effects of ketamine infusions are both mild and temporary.
Research shows the risk of addiction is extremely low when administered under the supervision of medical professionals.
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