Hudson Health Announces Launch of Hudson Mind

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hudson Health, formerly known as Hudson Medical Group, today announced the official launch of its newest development Hudson Mind. Since 2010 Hudson Health has utilized an in-house treatment algorithm that combines multiple modalities to deliver personalized plans that treat and prevent pain. Now, with the addition of Hudson Mind, Hudson Health delivers the ultimate mind and body care experience.

Under the leadership of renowned physicians, including Dr. Jonathann Kuo, Dr. Owen Muir, Dr. Eugene Lipov, and Dr. Glen Brooks, Hudson sought to develop a revolutionary approach to mental health care. Interventional Mental Health combines the expertise of anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and pain management specialists to deliver groundbreaking treatments for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Hudson Mind’s treatments include Dual Sympathetic Blocks for symptoms of anxiety and PTSD, ketamine infusions for symptoms of anxiety and depression, and advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for symptoms of depression and OCD. Several of these treatments are combined in protocols to accelerate treatment.

Founder and Medical Director Dr. Jonathann Kuo sees Hudson Mind’s treatments as complementary to talk therapy.

“Our minimally-invasive medical interventions are not just effective at targeting symptoms, they also activate progress on the psychotherapeutic front. These interventions help patients break through barriers, and, subsequently, unlock the doors for psychotherapists to explore the roots of trauma and depression, and introduce new cognitive patterns,” said Dr. Kuo.

The clinical success rates of Hudson Mind’s procedures give new hope to those who may not respond to more traditional solutions like talk therapy and antidepressants. Up to 80% of patients who receive Dual Sympathetic Blocks experience significant relief from symptoms. Additionally, patients report a remarkable reduction in suicidal thoughts as soon as two hours after a single-dose ketamine infusion.

With the official launch of Hudson Mind, Hudson Health has built out a data-driven, multi-disciplinary approach to care that encompasses mind and body.

About Hudson Health:

Established in 2010, Hudson Health has evolved from an Interventional Pain Management practice to a multidisciplinary collective spanning medical, wellness, and mental health care. Led by renowned clinicians, Hudson employs over 20 practitioners across 15 specialties, including neurology, sports medicine, functional medicine, physical therapy, and more. Rooted by its mission to holistically treat patients with data-driven solutions, Hudson Health continues to innovate cutting-edge mind and body care. To learn more, visit